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Submitted on
July 26, 2007
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and i told her to wait one hour and a day, but she was too impatient.
instead, she stayed for a year and a week
and wept bitterly at her crying shoes.

i said, 'dont cry for your feet,
they only follow your voice
and you make the choice to lead them astray'

she bit cheeks of an apple, and left me the core
i told her no more and she took back hello
ate up all my heart, drank all my love juice. spat all the pips out. the whore.

she dallied past non sequiturs and fell victim to gullibility,
her paranoia blinding her light. she couldnt see, couldnt hear, nor realise
what was so blatantly latent.

i asked her what it meant to let the sky fall around you
and she said it has everything to do with looking up
always looking back with more to do than smile. she sighed

i told her, 'your knees creak with uncertainty
because you never found the time to decide,'
she replied with 'but i dont even like apples'

'dont fall victim to yourself,' and she laughed
and cried and screamed and fell over herself all giddy and serene
retorting, 'you just described life.'
it seems I was put into a very light puff pastry kind of a mood (could not post hours ago because of dA unavailabilities).
on second thoughts this poem is too scrappy. but then i got threatened with minusing keratin. so i heeded, aye.

im sorry i thought w(i)e couldve been happy. im sorry i was so wrong.

im trying to find a frequency for my heart, trying to sift through the static with sticky fingers

trying to decide, you know?
sitting on the edge dipping my toes in boiling hot water, daring myself to plunge. daring myself to submerge in my own melting skin. dropping lumps of cleanliness down to bare flesh and band-aid bloody bones
with little etchings of alone
"just keep dreaming"

i am wondering what it is like to let go.
wondering when it really is enough. wondering why i let myself strip down the stabilities too late,
only when i release they are only nooses and chains and guilts that i should not let honour my own self-determined death sentence.

what am i doing really?

im letting myself get swallowed up by my own self-sabotage.

disguising it as other people doesnt change the fact that choice still exists.

still exists.

why doesnt repetition ever work for me?

("i always give myself very good advice, but i very seldom follow it")
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This is good =)
Not scrappy. Whoever threatened you had good reason.
shoshoshoshoshosho wonderfulll

oh cookie! :D

thank you so much loveliness! :hug: :heart:
hehe you're welcome:hug:
i really love this part!!!

"i asked her what it meant to let the sky fall around you
and she said it has everything to do with looking up
always looking back with more to do than smile. she sighed"

<3 :] love this so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much darling! :hug:
gawd this is beautiful :heart:
thank you so much darling! :hug:
SinfulRose Jul 27, 2007
i agree baby, this is amazing, when i read it i was lost for words :heart:
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