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Submitted on
September 5, 2007
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this skin i'm in
it isn't me so much
as my toes
are my feet

my fingers are my hands
my eyes my face;
shoulders, knees

and it isn't me
so much, when i smile
or cry, or fall apart
down splitting sides

it isn't me so much
these lips (that speak
for me) and i rarely invade
the privacy of my heart

but then i get lost, in
all the things that are
supposed to be (me, but
aren't), in who they are

and why (no matter
how hoarse i make her throat
with screaming after her)
she doesn't come when i call

I have I’s in the back of my hedonism.

When I finish there will be a river
Translucent and cascading

“I know you are a busy man, but just try to think of it from my point of view."
“What, in a g-string and bra?”

When I begin there will be no end
Why, she doesn’t even have a lake to swim on out to the island (it isn’t really an island, but we just say it is) with. It must be terribly sad for her, with all that grass and not a drop of water, currently.

“How exciting!”
“Yes, but there is fear for the afternoons.”
“You musn’t fear, and why are you?”
“Because night breeds a morning with the moon, and why I am, I cannot say for fear of over-exposure.”


this probably really should be a scrap. just incongruent randoms. hard to puzzle fit today.
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Oh, but I like it. It reminds of the Bella and Edward in the book New Moon, and the part of the land and water, it's very beautiful.
thank you so much! :heart:
nonscrap. this is beautiful jumblimgs of thoughts, i think we should demand a category for that.
yes!we should make so many new categories up, like ramble and blather and psychobabble. :D
you always have the best ideas, my sporkling! :spork:
hahaa psychobabbly nonsense=P

LoveShotEyes Sep 6, 2007  Student Writer
I love the joke in the end. No scrap. I'd threaten newspaper but you'd threaten water and we'd both be screwed then.
:evillaugh: hehee i know your secret now.
LoveShotEyes Sep 6, 2007  Student Writer
Ah! But I can get a cardboard roll! Ha!
i can get lots and lots of water! ha-ha!
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